International Law

In a time when the world is a smaller place, with communications to the far reaches of the Earth occurring via new and emerging technologies, legal counsel on how to engage in business transactions across borders is necessary. What about after a transaction has occurred, and one of the parties has not complied with their obligations?

Many lawyers and law firms claim to be “international,” however, how many can boast that they are licensed to practice law in numerous jurisdictions? Adam Jaffe, the principle of the Law Office of Adam Jay Jaffe, is licensed to practice in California, England, and Wales, and has the ability to obtain licensure in most any jurisdiction that follows English Common Law legal system (Canada, Scotland, Ireland, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

Moreover, as a licensed Solicitor, Adam Jaffe can only give legal advice, however, has limited rights to litigate cases. In these instances, the Law Office of Adam Jay Jaffe has Barristers available to aid in trying cases when necessary. Unlike the United States, many English Common Law jurisdictions still follow the system where there are Solicitors and Barristers; the solicitor represents the client directly, and the barrister is the one that tries the case.

Additionally, the Law Office of Adam Jay Jaffe has connections to many law firms throughout the world that can assist in most any type of legal matter. What truly separates the Law Office of Adam Jay Jaffe from other firms for the international legal dispute or matter is the personal attention, reasonable fees, and the actual ability to practice law internationally.

The Law Office of Adam Jay Jaffe will do all it they can to make sure you receive the best representation that you deserve. It is our goal to resolve your claims or issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, and provide you with the best results. To learn more about international law, contact us right away at (619) 810-7964 or email us.